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I wanted to write a blog about something I am passionate about, so naturally I chose to write about the sport I have been playing my whole life.

I will look at famous moments in professional baseball and say why we remember them, in a context that makes them bigger than the game itself. Baseball has provided memories that have had tremendous cultural, social and influential impacts in so many ways, and I want to celebrate them with you.

This will be an account of moments in professional baseball with my commentary on why they are so memorable. After reading posts in this blog the reader will understand how the game that has been around for centuries, has instilled itself in the hearts of its fans.



  1. Very nice and insightful blog! I’ve listened to a 99% invisible podcast yesterday and they covered the Infield shift history and how it influenced the game. Hope you will write about this too.

  2. Don’t know much about baseball, but I enjoy reading your blog and discovering new things. I can definitely feel that you’re very passionate about baseball. Too bad it is not a common sport in my country.

  3. Hi Ryan. Even though I am not interested in sports, I can understand what legendary moments in the sports games mean to the sports lovers. And it is very nice to read and learn unforgettable moments in baseball history from a baseball fan!

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