Vin Scully’s Last Game

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When you’re watching baseball and going to games for many years you start to associate certain sounds with the game you love. It can be the crack of the bat on a homerun swing, the way the catcher’s mitt pops when he catches a fastball, or the sounds of a runner sliding into a base. For fans of the Los Angels Dodgers, the sound they associated with the game of baseball, was the voice of legendary broadcaster Vin Scully.

Vin Scully was the Dodgers broadcaster for an unprecedented 67 years, and he retired at the end of the 2016 season. He started his broadcasting career for the Dodgers when they were the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950, and in 1958 the Dodgers moved to Los Angles, and the organization made sure to include Vin in their move across the country.

I do realize this is a post about a man who never played in the Major Leagues, but he has certainly made his mark on the game. He was the voice of one of the most storied organizations in baseball and in professional sports for over 6 decades.

The now 88 year-old has called 25 World Series, been with the team despite 9 different ownership changes, received Baseball Hall of Fame honours after 33 years of broadcasting (then continued for another 34), and has been with the Dodgers for 24,274 days.

This video will tell you what he meant to Dodger fans.

The sounds associated with game we love stick with us forever. For Dodger fans, it was Vin Scully’s voice, and for Vin Scully, it was the roar of the crowd. So as much as he meant to the fans, the fans meant just as much to him.

Vin Scully Numbers. Photo from: USA Today

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