About Me

CP24 Interview

Hi, I’m Ryan from Aurora, Ontario. I am in the Public Relations post-graduate program at Niagara College. I completed my Political Science undergrad degree at Brock University in 2015 where I graduated with honours, and also played for the Brock baseball team.

I wanted to take the public relations course to learn the communication and marketing skills I hope to use in a government agency one day. What I got from my Political Science undergrad was an understanding of the functionality of the government and the role of those in public administration, public relations will allow me to communicate and integrate with the general public.

Baseball has always been my favourite sport and passion and I’m  excited to write about it. I think my credentials that allow me to write this blog come from how closely I’ve followed not only Major League Baseball, but baseball in many other levels and leagues. I’ve witnessed many events either on TV, at the game, or playing the game that always resonates with me, and have become my fondest memories. The picture below is from my Brock baseball team winning the provincial championship in 2014 – the best day of my life and many of teammates as well.

If you’d like to contact me, I can be reached by email at ryanlaird11@gmail.com

Thank you,